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Bushido MC is a Men’s only Club built on the principles of the BUSHIDO. We are more than just a brother hood we are a family that enjoys every part of being just that a family. “Our Family Comes First”

Our families are dearest to us, second to that is our community. We contribute our time, energy, and resources to both our families and our community. We hold deep the principles of the BUSHIDO and embrace to take them forward in a modern time. We hold each other in discipline, respect and Loyalty so as to promote a safe, law abiding, and uplifting environment. We embrace diversity all that matters is that you’re a man of great principle. We consist of active, non active, and retired Military personnel, as well as men with no military experience. To be a part of Bushido you do not need to have any Military experience. It is because of this our martial training; our personal levels of expectations are set high. Being part of Bushido means you are with others who share the same level of discipline, structure, and interest. These interests include a variety of charities, fund raisers, community services, and Military support activities. We enjoy going out and having fun but we do this in a respectful manner to everyone. Not many have the ability to hold themselves to a set of high principles and live in that manner. Do to this we are not for everyone.

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We encourage all who enjoy having fun and being part of a family to come and get to know us and hang out. Membership is by invitation only.

If you have an interest in our club, come around, introduce yourself, get to know us, and let us get to know you…

There are not many clubs out there that understand what it is to be better than everything around them.


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